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Haji Baba Halal Meats.

Haji Baba are a family run Halal butcher in London who provide the Muslim community, and the greater community, with Halal meat and poultry. Our aim is to provide the best Halal meat, the best variety of Halal products, and of course, the best possible service to our customers. Haji Baba has fresh meat counters in Asda and in other London mini-markets with marinated and non-marinated pre-pack Halal ranges.


Halal means lawful. Here are a few facts about the Halal meat industry in the UK.

  • The Halal meat market is worth £2.8 billion in the UK.
  • The global Halal market is worth £75 billion.
  • 27% of UK meat consumption is by Muslim families; yet they make up only 3% of the UK population.
  • Muslims make up 8.5% of the London population.
  • Haji Baba serves over 10,000 people a week with fresh Halal meat or pre-packed Halal in our Asda stores.


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